Egypt mother of the world

Egypt mother of the world                                     

1Egypt’s distinguished location

Egypt overlooks two seas of the world's most important seas (the Mediterranean to the north and the Red Sea to the east)

Since it is located in a privileged location in the world, Egypt has become a cultural center that attracts tourists from all countries of the world.

2Egypt's moderate climate

Egypt is characterized by a moderate climate throughout the year, especially in the winter season, so millions of tourists come to Egypt to enjoy the sun and warmth, especially from cold regions such as Europe.

3picturesque nature

Egypt is characterized by many beautiful scenery spread out

     Desert and mountainous areas

                 Agricultural areas

             Coastal areas

  It is distinguished by:

  It is distinguished by:

  It is distinguished by:

  The purity of its air

  The Nile River has beautiful sunny sandy beaches as well as on the Mediterranean coast

  The beauty of its outlines

  Green fields that relax the eye and delight the tourist with the spread of picturesque coral reefs and the wonderful colored fish in Bahr Al-Ahmar

The spread of unique natural reserves and oases

Such as:

1- The White Desert.

2- Siwa Oasis.

3- Red Sea Mountains.

Such as:


1The Nile Corniche and the Nile parks

Such as:

Sharm el-Sheikh and its beautiful beaches and the Ras Mohamed protected area in Sinai.

  4Historical monuments

As Egypt has a lot of diverse historical monuments:


1Pharaonic antiquities

Luxor is an open museum of pharaonic antiquities.

2Greek and Roman antiquities

Alexandria is considered a center of Roman antiquities in Egypt.

3Coptic antiquities

The Hanging Church is considered a Coptic revenge.

4- Peaceful Effects:

Al-Azhar Mosque is one of the Islamic monuments.

5The good people of EgyptThe people of Egypt have a great role in the progress of the Egyptian economy


They learn, then work, and in this way, society is held together


The Egyptian people love him for tourists, and when one of them sees a tourist, he treats him well


Because he is a guest in Egypt

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