how to be attractive

When it comes to being attractive, you can do things, even when your genes and your bank balance are holding you back. I want to give you a foundational entitlement, a way to be more attractive to women. If you want to learn to be more attractive, ensure that you are walking with an impressive walk, one your partners, and others, will enjoy. To be more attractive, wear clothes that are flattering and in which you are comfortable and confident, as you will be more attractive if you feel good about what you are wearing.

Because attractive people are going to be doing things that make them attractive and good looking, and being around them eventually will teach you their habits and styles for looking this way. The byproduct is other people will be attracted to you and think that you are attractive. If you are showing someone real interest, then by default, they will find you more attractive. If it is not enough for them to think that you are physically attractive, or that they are generally attractive, that does not mean that you are doing something wrong, or that people actually find you unattractive.

A gentle smile and a relaxed, open body language can make you appear to others physically attractive. An attractive personality is one that has excellent qualities such as humor, self-confidence, charm, good communication, etc. Great qualities such as humor draw others towards you, making you seem worthy of being in a relationship. Giving may even make you a more attractive person in your own right, in that people love receiving compliments and being around positive people. 

Working to become the best person that you can and emphasizing positive traits leads to self-development, which can make you feel and look more attractive. People appear more attractive in groups because seeing faces together makes them appear more similar to the group average--it helps to even out the idiosyncrasies of each persons unattractiveness. When someone looks at the faces of the individuals within the group, the brain will average the faces out, if the attractiveness of the group is taken into account, according to Alana Rissa.

Something called Cheerleader effect, is the psychological phenomenon that people appear to be more attractive when in groups, just because looking at a bunch of faces, rather than one, essentially evens out whatever uglyness one might have, or might not, have, and forms a mean hotness for the group. Another study confirmed that men are more attracted to women who wear heels, as women appear to be more sexualized and feminine from their point of view in how they walk. All right, guys: Just as men find women more attractive by having their hips swing, this same study found women more attractive by having men walk with their shoulders swinging. Not an easy problem, but we do know there is more than just a great appearance and a fat wallet that makes someone want you.

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