Your positivity and its impact on those around you

Your positivity and its impact on those around you

Your positivity and its impact on those around you

Positive energy is a state that is concentrated in the mind and the expectation that everything that is better than love, giving and optimism will happen. It is easy to know the positive person through the way he deals with things. Does he look at them in a good way or does he not see them as well? The positive person sees the difficulties and troubles in life, a ladder he takes to reach and a lesson He learns from him and does not grumble and is overcome by despair and complaints about his condition. He is able to achieve his goals by defining what he wants and how to determine the direction he will take in order to achieve this goal, laying plans for its implementation, hard work, facing challenges and overcoming all problems with confidence in his abilities without getting bored or tiring. Or he retreats, or he feels a feeling of helplessness and inability to do his work, he looks at everything around him as useful and beautiful, and he is overwhelmed with a smile, and he always feels happy, with a spirit full of hope, open, ready for what is new in his life, sharing his opinions, as well as sharing with people their opinions, loved among them, makes them feel calm And tranquility. Rather, it makes them forget their worries by creating an atmosphere that makes those around him happy so that they see in him and his vision a time to get rid of negative thoughts. And the search for everything that is new, and from the nature of people there are different types of people, among them are those who are thankful, and among them are those who are thankful, who remember what is good, and those who do good to him. Grief over that, and if one of those who provided them with assistance thanks him, he sees this as a preference from them over him because they thanked him. Rather, he sees the beautiful work he did for people, which is his duty. Such a person has an impact on those around him, rather he is a role model that makes those around him imitate him in all Young and old, respect his opinions and abide by his directives. He has a strong inspiring personality that controls and controls the souls of those around him. His smile on the face of those around him shows an impression that carries all the love, affection, mercy, gentleness and gentleness. He creates an atmosphere for himself that makes him feel happy, as if he sits in a clean place with a good perfume or he caresses children. Sitting with them or creating a positive imagination that makes him feel optimistic is like imagining himself sitting in a green oasis full of beautiful flowers of different colors under trees on which birds chirp next to a clear river in which ducks swim with their young and brightly colored fish jump from it, and he is keen to renew his routine His life on a daily basis so that he does not feel bored, and the result of this renewed positive energy full of life that he created is directly reflected on himself first, with his feeling of comfort, tranquility and happiness, as well as a reflection on those around him with their feeling of love and from here the psychological interdependence, everyone works on his positivity and the result will be reflected on society .

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